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Totting up Traffic06 May 2022Totting up Traffic

This week

Earlier this week, the children went out conduct a traffic survey.


The children will be using the experience to begin writing a recount. At the moment they have been discussing the different things they did in order and using time words at the beginning of each sentence such as first, then, next after later etc.

This will also feed into our session next week on Road Safety led by the Leeds City Council Road safety team.



We also celebrated Eid this week and had a special treat with crisps, drinks and party bags courtesy of Yahya and Alihadis mummys. Yahyas mummy came and read a lovely story all about Eid from The Mister Men and Little Misses!





Next week




This week the children will continue Stage 3 of the Floppy’s Phonics programme and will be introduced to the phonemes oi and ear. We will be using these sounds and those learnt so far to blend the sounds (push sounds together) to read words and segment (break sounds up) in a word to spell.


We will introduce/review the next set of tricky/high frequency words this week: asked and time. Also, as usual, we will also be reviewing the tricky words learnt to date.



Literacy and Topic


This week we will continue with recounts, continuing to recount the traffic survey conducted the previous week. The children will be using time words to start their sentences such as first, then, later, after, eventually etc; we will also encourage the children to use connectives within their sentences to extend them, such as because, and, but as well as adjectives to make their writing more exciting!



During topic we will look at the city of London discussing where it is in relation to ourselves, how we could travel there and how it compares to where we live. This will be introduced by the story “Katie goes to London”.

We will also have a visit from the local road safety team to teach the children all about the importance of road safety.




We will continue to learn about measuring weight this week concentrating on problem solving by working out how many cotton reels does 3 pine cones weigh?




Have a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes

Mrs. Fletcher

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