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Here you will find videos to help with phonics, reading and writing;
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Reception Holy Name Videos
People Who Help UsPeople Who Help Us20 May 2022This week The children have been learning about the different people in their community that look after us to make sure we stay safe. They learnt...
Safely Does It!Safely Does It!13 May 2022This week We had a visit from the road safety team to tie in with our transport topic. The children learnt all about crossing the road safely as...
Totting up TrafficTotting up Traffic06 May 2022This week Earlier this week, the children went out conduct a traffic survey.   The children will be using the experience to...
The Measure of Things!The Measure of Things!28 Apr 2022This week   In numeracy, we have continued measuring, and have measured all manner of things! The week started with children measuring...
!Bienvenidos a España!!Bienvenidos a España!22 Apr 2022This week This term had an exciting start with a `trip to Spain`! As the children came into school they were issued with boarding passes and...
An eggcelent week!An eggcelent week!01 Apr 2022This week   During numeracy we continued describing 3d shapes and described our museum exhibits to each other. We spent lots of time...
Let's FACE it, 3d shapes are cool!Let's FACE it, 3d shapes are cool!25 Mar 2022  This week During numeracy continuing with 3d shapes the children have been adding more detail to their shape museums, by discussing...
Skelton Grange

A great day with wonderful weather!

Brilliant BugsBrilliant Bugs18 Mar 2022We have looked into the wonderful world of minibeasts! The children have learnt lots of facts about these fascinating creatures such...
Shape Up!Shape Up!11 Mar 2022This week   The children continued to work on their description of the properties of shapes ensuring they could discuss corners, sides and...
Dinosaurs BIG!Dinosaurs BIG!03 Mar 2022This week   The children have begun to learn all about dinosaurs this week and are using different areas in class to research and write up...
Tiny Tales and Tunes Cinderella storytime visit
Love is in the Air!Love is in the Air!18 Feb 2022In literacy the children wrote their own versions of Cinderella where they changed different things such as: the fairy godmother, the transport that...
Safety firstSafety first11 Feb 2022  This week     The children have really enjoyed using the new challenges within class this week, they are becoming...
Growing up!Growing up!04 Feb 2022This week Continuing with the theme of growing linked to Jack and the Beanstalk, the children discussed the parts of a plant this week and...
Fee Fi Fo Fum!Fee Fi Fo Fum!28 Jan 2022This week The children discussed and wrote about the characters in Jack and the Beanstalk. They were encouraged to use adjectives to describe the...
Once Upon A Time...Once Upon A Time...21 Jan 2022This week The children continued with the story of Hansel and Gretel, they have been concentrating on the beginning of the story. They thought...
Traditional TalesTraditional Tales14 Jan 2022This Week   As mentioned last week, this half term our topic is Traditional Tales and we have started start the half term with the story...
Happy New Year!Happy New Year!07 Jan 2022We hope that you have had a good rest over the holidays and we wish you all a Happy New Year! This Week This week we have used our time during...
Practise makes perfect!Practise makes perfect!10 Dec 2021This week We have been very busy rehearsing the Nativity as well as making Christmas stockings and cards! During RE we have learnt about the...
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...03 Dec 2021This week We have been writing to Santa to report back as to the mischief the lf has been getting up to! We wait to see what Santa has to say! He...
Dear Santa....Dear Santa....26 Nov 2021This week The time is approaching fast for you know who to come and visit the children on Christmas Day, and this week in literacy preparations...
Thank you very much!Thank you very much!19 Nov 2021This week After the party the children enjoyed last Friday, the focus in literacy this week has been to write a letter to Mrs. Wells to thank her...
Money, money, money!Money, money, money!12 Nov 2021This week     Lots of counting was taking place with coins; once the children had learnt about each coin from 1p to 10p then they...
Welcome back!Welcome back!05 Nov 2021This Week The children have settled back into the routines of school very smoothly this week and were straight back into learning mode at 8.50am...
Pumpkin fun!Pumpkin fun!21 Oct 2021This week We have had lots of pumpkin themed activities in class this week to get children in the holiday mood!   After the...
Sort it Out!Sort it Out!15 Oct 2021This week This week, the children accessed opportunities in the class room to sort different objects and they also have been exploring how...
God's WorldGod's World08 Oct 2021This week   During RE following on from learning about God’s Creation, the children have discussed how we care for the things God...
You can count on us!You can count on us!01 Oct 2021This week During numeracy the children have had lots of opportunities to count, in particular we have focused on careful counting. They found out...
Wonderful writers and remarkable readers!Wonderful writers and remarkable readers!24 Sep 2021The children have settled into their first week of teaching routines seamlessly this week. We are so proud of every single one of them! They have...
Words of the week...Words of the week...17 Sep 2021Exciting times! We begin our reading and writing sessions next week! We will be concentrating on: My my The the A a Please help your child...
Welcome to the Reception class of 2021-22!Welcome to the Reception class of 2021-22!08 Sep 2021 Hello! Welcome to the Reception page! Every week you can visit here to find out about what has been happening in class as well as get...
Class Newsletters

These documents provide a summary of whats happening in Reception class on a half termly basis.

Handwriting Sheets

Here you will find links to different worksheets to help your child practice the pre-cursive formation of letters.

Trace over letters

Sheets a-j

Sheets k-s

Sheets t-z


Here is a link to a website which has animatons to show the direction of the pencil when forming the continous cursive letters:
Continuous cursive letters
Parent Pay access

Please use this guide to help you set up onto Parentpay

Leader in Me

Please find a copy of the parents guide to the Leader in Me program which forms part of the 7 Habits sessions we deliver in class.

Maths Challenges

These maths challenges are sent out every 2 -3 weeks. Please complete them with your child and post them on Tapestry by the date indicated on the note. A video is the best way to show their learning!

Literacy Sheets

Work sheets to help you support your child at home with reading and writing.

Phonics Links
Here is a collection of webpage links to songs and activities to help your child with their phonics.

Mr. Thorne Does Phonics

Alpha Blocks

Phoneme pronounciation

Counting Songs Links
Here is a collection of webpage links to counting songs we use in class so you can sing along at home too!

Count in 2s, 5s and 10s


Count in 5s

Count in 1s

Count in 10s

Count in 2s

Count to 100

Count back from 20

Count to 50

Days, months and Seasons Songs Links
Here is a collection of webpage links to the songs we sing in class to learn the days, months and seasons.

Days of the Week


Calendar song

Mental Health

Here is some useful information for you to help with your child's mental health.

Parents Guide To Black Lives Matter
Active Learning: The following websites have high energy, and mindfulness/yoga activities.  Plus healthy eating content.




Personal challenge tasks/ Active Play/ Get Set Ride resources


Physical literacy


High energy videos:

https://www.youtube.com/thebodycoachtv  (Joe Wicks Daily PE videos)

- www.jumpstartjonny.co.uk 

Active Maths:

- www.tagtiv8.com/move-learn-home/ 

Activities for all ages and abilities:



Active at Home
Balance Feels Best!

You can use this reflection sheet from the Leader in Me program to focus your children on the importance of getting a balance of mind body and soul every day over a week!

Continuing the Leader in Me journey.
As a family look at some of the resources or allow the children to access the cartoons, resources and other information to help support their journey.

Below are weekly schedules should you want more structure and variety of tasks including Maths, Spelling, Writing, Reading and Projects. They can be done in any order, have links to websites and online platforms and follow a theme.

100 Things to do Indoors

Here is a great way to keep yourself and your family occupied during these uncertain times. Make staying indoors fun and use the time to help yourself and others. Have a go at some of these activities and let me know on Tapestry what you did!

Home Learning

Here is a list of activities you can download and print to do at home.