Holy Name Catholic Voluntary Academy is situated opposite the Holy Name Church on Otley Old Road, and it primarily serves the Parish Community. Details of the official catchment area can be obtained from the school.

We work closely with the families of our pupils and with the parishioners to ensure that they achieve their full potential spiritually, academically, morally, physically, emotionally, behaviourally and creatively.

Children leaving the school will be able to contribute to society in a positive, active manner, and within a Christian context.

Latest News

Tuesday 21st January Reception Parents reading 9-9.30am
Wednesday 22nd January 7.00pm Friends of Holy Name meeting at Old Mods 7.00pm - all welcome
Thursday 23rd January Year 2 Assembly 9.10am
Wednesday 29th January Year 5 Residential
Thursday 30th January Recepton Assembly 9.10am
Friday 31st January Stay and Play Reception, Y1 & Y2

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This weeks

Head Teacher Award   Head Teacher Table
Rec: Amber G   Rec: Lola D
Yr1 : Ellie-May S   Yr1 : Angelica M
Yr2 : Charlie H   Yr2 : Renee E
Yr3 : The whole class   Yr3 : Alana L
Yr4 : Eisa H   Yr4 : Alisha S
Yr5 : Zach E   Yr5 : Ryan C
Yr6 : Seb C   Yr6 : Prince M O

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