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Money money money!15 Nov 2019Money money money!

This week


Lots of counting was taking place with coins; once the children had learnt about each coin from 1p to 10p then they calculated about how much money would be needed to buy different items for our party at the end of the week by counting out and adding the quantities of pennies altogether.

During literacy the children wrote invitations to each other inviting them to a party, some also wrote to Mrs. Wells inviting her but also asking her if they could have a party! They also wrote some very detailed shopping lists with adjectives to describe the items.

We also as part of anti-bullying week heard the story of The Rainbow Fish and learnt just how important to be kind and have friends.

Next Week


This week the children will be introduced to the letters r and u. We will be using these sounds and those learnt so far to blend the sounds (push sounds together) to read words and segment (break sounds up) in a word to spell.

Topic and Literacy

During this week we will be learning the words went, on. After the excitement of a party last Friday, the children will use the words they are learning this week to write thank you letters to Mrs. Wells for the party. They will write sentences which say what they enjoyed doing e.g. we made lovely hats and we had crunchy crisps. Etc.
In the afternoons, the children will continue to learn about where our foods come from and will follow the journey of orange juice from farm to breakfast table. They will also draw still life pictures of well-known branded foods in charcoal.



In numeracy we will be working on 1 more and 1 less in the context of money; Kipper goes to the shop only to find that some items are 1p more and some are 1p less. Then later in the week the same concepts will be applied to 10p more and 10p less, using a hundred square to help us.

Practise with your child making a big shape (stretching out) whilst shouting MORE! and a small shape (crouching down into a ball) whilst shouting LESS! So they get used to the different concepts of each word.

As always, have a great weekend!


Best wishes
Mrs. Fletcher.

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