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Wonderful writers and remarkable readers!20 Sep 2019Wonderful writers and remarkable readers!This week

The children have settled into their first week of teaching routines seamlessly this week. We are so proud of every single one of them!
They have read stories and written super sentences focussing on the words
The, A, My.

The children were also introduced to the prayer corner where they reflected on the different objects in it and their meaning.


They had some fun discovering different flavours in a taste session which included sugar, salt coffee powder and lemon juice; there were mixed reactions to the tastes and some great face pulling!


The children have also been enjoying learning a great song which helps them learn their first set of “Tricky Words” also known as common exception words (CEWs)

I promised them I would post the link here so they could enjoy learning the words at home too so just click HERE to sing along!


Also, a few children requested I posted a counting song we have been enjoying this week:

Next week


This week the children will be introduced to the phonemes t and i . As the children have now learnt enough sounds to create words, we will be also teaching them how to blend the sounds and show them the "fingers method" to show blending (pushing sounds together to read them) and segmenting (breaking sounds up in a word to spell). See if your children can show you this when you do the sheets together, and remember we are on hand if there are any queries on supporting your child to complete the sheets.

Also, as promised, here is the link to the handwriting site where you can see the pre cursive formation of the letters as well as handwriting sheets.

You can also find practise sheets here

Also, below are the links to other sheets you can use:

Worksheet a-j

Worksheet k-s

Worksheet t-z

Diagraphs (2 letter sounds)

Literacy and Topic

The focus words this week are I and can. They will use these words to write sentences about things they can do and these words will also form part of their focus during reading sessions.

During the afternoons, the children will be learning about their bodies using and creating labels to label each other.


We will be counting counting counting, as well as working on number recognition and formation. We will also introduce a set of rhymes for children to learn to remind them of how to form the different numbers. You will find the link HERE to the rhymes so you can learn them at home.

I will also send copies of the rhymes home.

Have a great weekend!
Best wishes
Mrs. Fletcher


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