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Holy Name 

At Holy Name we are proud of all our children. 

Children are encouraged and supported to take part in a range of different sporting activities through attending  sporting events as well as having outdoor agencies providing opportunities to continue to develop a love for sport, exercise and well being. 

As a school we use Premier Sport to provide us with great after school clubs for both KS1 and KS2. 

Mini Mermaid Impact Report

Please find attached the Mini Mermaid post programme report.

Mini Mermaids

We are proud to have Mini Mermaid Running Club UK at Holy Name. These programmes are for girls, ages 7-11, which combine physical activity and mindfulness to strengthen girls self-confidence, self-esteem and self-compassion. Girls take part in different themed curriculums that includes a mix of discussions, journaling, games and workouts to help a girl discover and celebrate her own worth and value. ‚ÄčThe co-designed curriculum celebrates heart, mind and body strength The multi-year programmes, include discussions, journaling, games, workouts and culminates with a 5km challenge. Mini Mermaids use running; its simplicity makes it accessible to everyone. We work to get all girls involved, especially those at risk of stopping physical activity, by creating a fun, judgement-free environment in which girls feel safe exploring different types of movement. Running, in all its various forms, acts as the conduit through which girls experience the joy of being active and feel the connection between movement and well-being.

Diwali Dance Workshop

Children took part in fantastic workshop provided by West End in Schools.

Skipping School

Year 4 enjoyed their training sessions with the Skipping School to prepare for the skipping festival competition.

Year 1 and 2 FUNdamentals Competition
Healthy Week

- Fitness Five - Leeds Rhinos - Rounders Competition - Skipping taught by Year 4 - Dancing - Learning about sports for disabilities - Making Healthy Food - Obstacle Courses - Sports Day - Basketball

Year 3 and 4 Dance Club
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Sport Relief Week

We ran marathons, skipped and took part in aerobics!


Year 4 and 5 got the chance to learn some archery skills through premier sports!

Year 4's Skipping Training

Year 4 will be competing in a skipping competition against other year 4 classes in Leeds. This is them in action getting ready and learning all the skills, they're harder than they look!!

Sports Hall Athletics Competition

Year 5 and 6's athletics team did a fantastic job. They worked so well as a team and encouraged each other all the time. They had to compete in relays, obstacle courses, throwing events and jumping events!

KS1 Multi skills Competition

Year 1 and 2 took part in a multi-skills competition where they had to throw, catch, balance and run. They worked really well as a team!

Handball in Year 4 with Premier Sports
Dance Workshop in Year 5
Cross Country

Cross Country teams from years 4, 5 and 6 took part in the Leeds Cross Country event with hundreds of children in each race.