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Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page! 
We are a fantastic class who are taught by Mr Stewardson and Miss Jones. 

Our PE session will be on Monday afternoon so please remember to arrive at school in your kits.

You'll be able to see lots of things we do on Twitter and on this web page so keep checking.

Mental Health

Here is some useful information to help with your child's mental health.

Useful Mathematics websites
Useful SPaG websites
parent's guide to black lives matter

Here is a document that may help you discuss the black lives matter movement.

Continuing the Leader in Me journey.
As a family look at some of the resources or allow the children to access the cartoons, resources and other information to help support their journey.
Year 4 Mission Statement
String Telephones

We investigated how sound travels using string telephones.

Design and Technology

Investigating switches to use in our own alarms

Oracle / Dragon Bones

We used clay to create our own Dragon Bones. They are known as dragon bones because people from the Shang Dynasty thought they originally came from dragons.

Saving the Environment

We investigated what material could be reused / recycled / repurposed.


We had a great time during out Futsal session.

Sound Walk

Where do you think the noisiest area is around school? We have been investigating.

Open afternoon

Our families came in to help with the building of our own switches.


We have been interviewing people from The Old Testament.


Some of our classmates talked to us about Islamic Prayer and showed us the routines and special items used during prayer time.