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Let's FACE it, 3d shapes are cool!25 Mar 2022Let's FACE it, 3d shapes are cool!


This week

During numeracy continuing with 3d shapes the children have been adding more detail to their shape museums, by discussing faces and vertices of a 3D shape.

We also thought about what forgiveness meant and what we could do to show others we forgive them. Many expressed how they forgave through actions.

Thank you once again to all the grown ups who came along to support the children on our trip to Skelton Grange, I am sure you will agree that the children had a wonderful time!


Next Week



This week the children will begin Stage 3 of the Floppy’s Phonics programme and will be introduced to the phoneme oo and ar. We will be using these sounds and those learnt so far to blend the sounds (push sounds together) to read words and segment (break sounds up) in a word to spell.


We will introduce/review the next set of tricky/high frequency words this week: come and are. Also, as usual, we will also be reviewing the tricky words learnt to date.


This week as well as continuing learning the properties of 3D shapes, including learning a shape `rap`. The children will discuss symmetry and create symmetrical pictures using 3d shapes they will also create symmetrical butterflies as well as finishing symmetrical Easter eggs. They will also look at sharing and how this is the same has halving a number.



Literacy and Topic


We will hear the Easter story in class through storytelling and spiritual play and the children will complete their own Easter booklets. This will complement the Easter liturgies throughout the week being presented by Key Stage 2. The children will make Easter cards and we will encourage creative response to the Easter story as we progress through the week.


Enjoy the weekend!

See you on Monday

Mrs. Fletcher



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