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Brilliant Bugs18 Mar 2022Brilliant Bugs

We have looked into the wonderful world of minibeasts! The children have learnt lots of facts about these fascinating creatures such as....


Mini beasts have no backbone.

Dragonflies have been on earth before dinosaurs were around.

Butterflies taste with their feet.

Honey bees talk to each other by dancing.

Ants don`t sleep!

WOW! They are such fascinating creatures!!

I wonder what wonderful facts they will write about following on from our trip to Skelton Grange?

They also really enjoyed having a hold of the chicks before we said goodbye to them on Friday. They have learnt lots about chicks chickens and their life cycle through this great experience!


In numeracy we embarked on our 3d shapes unit in numeracy where the children have really enjoyed building and recreating models using the shapes whilst getting to grips with the shape names and features of 3d shapes. Words such as curved, faces, edges, corners, cuboids, square based pyramids and triangular prisms have been the norm!!

We have also looked at the composition of seven using two colours of multilink as well as reasoning our subitising with randomised patterns of numbers between 5 and 7.


friendly book called “The Way of the Cross.” We plan to continue these through to Easter holidays. Ask your children if they remember any of the early stations this week and reflect on them with your child.


Next Week




This week the children will begin Stage 3 of the Floppy’s Phonics programme and will be introduced to the phoneme oa and oo. We will be using these sounds and those learnt so far to blend the sounds (push sounds together) to read words and segment (break sounds up) in a word to spell.


We will introduce/review the next set of tricky/high frequency words this week: come and are. Also, as usual, we will also be reviewing the tricky words learnt to date.




We will continue with learning about 3D shapes, concentrating more on the properties of 3D shapes, encouraging the children to use mathematical language to describe 3D shapes, such as faces, points and edges, compare them with other 3D shapes as well as describing the faces based on the shape they are eg a cuboid has 2 square faces and 4 rectangular faces. The children will discover this also through printing with the 3d shapes, and finally they will make their own 3D shapes using cocktail sticks and marshmallows. This language will help them to become super curators of our shape museum where they will label the items as well as give talks on the different exhibits!



Literacy and Topic


We shall continue with our mini beasts theme, as children write reports on a particular mini beast of their choice (possibly one from their visit that interested them) and we shall continue with the features of a non-fiction book.
We also have our trip to Skelton Grange where wqe will get to observe real ones in their minibeast areas!



I would like to extend a big thank you to grown-ups who have been a secret reader thus far this year (and those who have signed up but not yet visited!). It is a real thrill for the children as they wait to see who is coming through our door on a Monday afternoon to share a story with them!

If you haven’t signed up yet, please let the office know.


Enjoy the weekend!

See you on Monday
Best wishes

Mrs. Fletcher

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