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Dinosaurs BIG!03 Mar 2022Dinosaurs BIG!

This week


The children have begun to learn all about dinosaurs this week and are using different areas in class to research and write up facts about them.

They first thought of questions they would like to ask about dinosaurs some examples were:

Where did dinosaurs live? How long did they live for? What did dinosaurs eat?

We discussed the different ways the children could find the answers to their questions and the grownups modelled looking up information on the internet as well as looking up information in a non fiction book.

They also looked at the different features of their dinosaur reports such as title, bullet points a labelled diagram and a captioned picture.


Also, we have lots of activities in class at the moment to support the children’s understanding of 2d shapes and the children are already becoming confident in not only naming 2d shapes but also describing their properties such as sides and corners.

They have been making use of their dinosaur knowledge by creating 2d shape stegosauruses, pterodactyls, triceratopses and T Rexes!

The children also learnt about the Jewish festival of Purim and enjoyed making and sounding their graggers!


Next Week


This week the children will be introduced to the phonemes wh and ai. We will be using these sounds and those learnt so far to blend the sounds (push sounds together) to read words and segment (break sounds up) in a word to spell.


We will introduce the next set of tricky/high frequency words this week: that and have. Also, as usual, we will also be reviewing the tricky words learnt to date.




This week we continue looking at 2D shapes in provision, learning more about the unusual 2D shape names and about the properties of shapes such as corners, sides and whether sides are straight or curved. They will go on a shape hunt and not only find but also describe the shapes they find.


They will also combine two shapes to make number sentences and find out how many sides/corners the two objects have e.g. how many sides does a square and triangle have altogether? As well as this they will practise their doubles by adding corners and sides of the same shape.

As well as this, this week will focus on further developing the skill of comparing numbers as the children are encouraged to focus exclusively on considering where numbers to 8 are in relation to each other.





Continuing with our dinosaur/non-fiction topic, this week, the children will be writing their own dinosaur reports about a specific dinosaur using detail and working on their research skills to find out information. We will also reinforce which features are needed to write a good report, ie title, captioned picture, bullet points, facts, and a labelled diagram.


Also, on Monday we receive a delivery of chicken eggs which we will have over two weeks. The children will therefore spend this time observing as they hatch and learning about the cycle of egg to chick and how to care for them.


Have a great weekend!

See you on Monday

Mrs. Fletcher

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