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Sort it Out!15 Oct 2021Sort it Out!

This week

This week, the children accessed opportunities in the class room to sort different objects and they also have been exploring how numbers can be composed of 1s and, from this, they began to investigate the composition of 3 and 4. They did this with many different things includimg, Duplo, play dough, pine cones and conkers!

We also went on a local Autumn walk to look for signs of Autumn and collect items for our Autumn table and looked at maps to see where we would go.


We will be sending home Autumn bags next week for your child to fill and bring into school after half term so they can share what they found.


We also had a visitor from the local library to share a story with the children, they spoke about the stories they had enjoyed over the summer holidays.


This will be talking about the signs of Autumn and use our walk to help describe what we can see at this time of year using sentences such as “I can see crunchy leaves and prickly conkers”.
The children will be creating repeating patterns using glue shapes, beads, lego, cars and in number they will build on their subitising skills as well as create different ways of representing NumberBlock four as well as continuing instant recognition of numbers to 4.


The children will consider how to stay healthy and what we need to do to look after our bodies as well as the importance of hand washing and how we spread germs.

During RE the children will learn about how they are all special to God and how each of us is unique.


Have a great weekend!

Best wishes

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