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You can count on us!01 Oct 2021You can count on us!

This week

During numeracy the children have had lots of opportunities to count, in particular we have focused on careful counting. They found out that the best way to count carefully is to move the objects away whilst they count or put them in a line and count from one end to the other. What they definitely decided also was you need you count SLOWLY!

We have also begun to look at the skill of subitising where children can say how many there are in a small group of objects by ‘just seeing’ and knowing straightaway without needing to count. We have started with quantities to 3 as well as seeing groups within bigger sets.


All week we have used the words, I and Can. In reading we have read books about the different noises animals can make, and stories about the different things the characters in the book can do.
This linked with literacy where children thought of sentences about what THEY could do, which they practised orally at first and then wrote about in their books.

What talented children there are in children! Some examples of what the children said they could do included, "I can swim underwater", "I can ride my bike without stablisiers", "I can sing", "I can run really fast" to name a few!

Next week


This week the children will be introduced to the letters i and n. We will be also teaching them how to blend the sounds and show them the "fingers method" to show blending (pushing sounds together to read them) and segmenting (breaking sounds up in a word to spell).

Please try to work with your child on the sounds we teach in school, they are in their book bags that the children bring home everyday. A little every day at home as well as what is done at school will make a world of difference. As the number of sounds introduced increases it will get harder for children to retain them so a good way to help them is to expose them to these sounds whenever you have a few minutes. Remember also, the children will need to be able to write as well as read the sounds.

Literacy and Topic

The focus words this week are He, She, like and likes. The children will be introduced to the Robinson family and will be reading and writing sentences such as "He is dad. He likes football". Please support your child in learning these words and remember to encourage them to learn to write them as well as read the key words.

During the afternoons, the children will be learning about different houses and safety in the home. During RE the children will reflect how we care for God’s world.


This week, the children will develop their counting skills to enable them to identify how many there are in a set that cannot be subitised. They will also practise developing 1:1 correspondence, by counting numbers at the same time as moving or tagging the objects as well as explore how all sorts of things can be counted, including sounds. Singing counting rhymes will give them opportunities to hear, join in with and develop their knowledge of the counting sequence.

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes
Mrs. Fletcher


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