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Fruits of our labour!07 Feb 2020Fruits of our labour!This week
The children continued to get to grips with money using their knowledge of counting in 2s and 10s to pay for their fruit snack!


They have also been very excited about quickly the cress has grown….


…and they enjoyed the fruits of their labour by tucking into cress sandwiches!

Next week



This week the children will be introduced to the phonemes ch and sh. We will be using these sounds and those learnt so far to blend the sounds (push sounds together) to read words and segment (break sounds up) in a word to spell.


We also continue to learn the tricky and high frequency words on sight. The newest words that have been added to the list are: so and called.


Topic and Literacy


We continue with next week with our last traditional tale of the half term, Cinderella. This week, we will be concentrating on writing an alternative to Cinderella, ensuring that children are aware of their writing targets as they do so. Targets include, listening for the sounds as they spell words, using adjectives and conjunctions. Each group has its own target to ensure their writing is always improving.


As we know, no fairy godmother/father is complete without a magic wand, so in groups, the children will also continue to read instructions to make their very own customized wand!





The children started looking at taking away last week, and we continue with this during the week. They will be using the skill of drawing pictures and then crossing off to find the answer. Later we will then start muddling up addition and subtraction number sentences and checking that the children know the difference! Also, to improve their skills at looking and listening for key vocabulary, we will be solving word problems and selecting the correct number sentence to solve.


Rainbow Factory

On Thursday we are having Rainbow Factory visit to deliver a traditional tales workshop. There will be lots of opportunities for drama, using imaginations and activities which will really bring to life the stories the children have been reading about over the past six weeks!



Have a great weekend!


Best wishes

Mrs. Fletcher.

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