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Dear Santa…..29 Nov 2019Dear Santa…..This week

The time is approaching fast for you know who to come and visit the children on Christmas Day, and this week in literacy preparations began as the children wrote their letters to Santa.

They thought of things they would like and also wrote about what they do at home which makes them a good child, and what good children they are!


They help with the dishwasher, clean the living room, play nicely with their brothers and sisters, listen to the teachers, do as they are told, help with the tidying, brush their teeth and eat all their dinner....to name a few things mentioned!

Next Week

Topic and Literacy
During literacy we will be writing more letters to Santa but the children will be reporting on some interesting happenings in class from Friday afternoon! (I am sure the children will tell you what happened!) 




This week the children will look at subtraction. They will do this initially through disappearing Maltsters! (Not into their mouths I hasten to add). They will work with a ten frame and use a bag of fun size Maltsters (as they each have ten in a bag!) and use 10 block ice cube trays to take away from to find the answer.


This weekend marks the First Sunday of Advent and in class we will begin our first of four Godly Play sessions over the Christmas season explaining the significance of the candles in the advent wreath. The children will also make their own paper versions to remind them of this special time of preparation for the birth of Jesus. As well as this, they will attend a daily collective worship in the hall with the rest of school to mark a very old Christmas tradition of the Jesse Tree, used to help tell the story of the Bible from creation to the Christmas Story. We shall also have our own Jesse Tree in class to which the children will add the Old Testament stories to in the form of a decoration as each day passes.

Have a good weekend!

Best wishes


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