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PTA EVENT - Friday 10th November 7pm

Pottery and Prosecco Night

Holy Name Church Hall

£15 per ticket. Ticket includes three items of Pottery to decorate and a free drink


There will be a bar and a raffle on the night

Winter Wonderland Saturday 2nd December.

We are looking for volunteers to help out on the day, the event runs from 10.30am - 1pm. We will need help setting up and clearing away as well as people to man the stalls. You don't have to stay for the entire event.

We will be putting together luxury Christmas hampers as raffle prizes, class reps will distribute a list of items required after half term.

AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes September 2017


Next PTA Meeting Tuesday 7th November 6:30pm.

Holy Name PTA Minutes

Wednesday 7th June @ 6.30pm







Present :BronaghDaly (BD) Sarah Devlin (SD) Mary Carpenter (MC) Sarah Anteney (SA)
Peter Blinston (PB) Helen Bellamy (HB) Phillipa Graham (PG)





Apologies : Jo Murray (JM) Annie Priestley (AP)Jess McNeil (JS) Clare Lees (CL)




Approval of last minutes - Minutes agreed




Treasurer’s Update

Current balance approximately £7,900. Allocated funds approximately £500. Therefore, cleared balance £ 7,400. It was suggested to confirm £5,500 as being the amount allocated for the minibus.

The group discussed having a totaliser so parents can see how much we have raised. BD confirmed she would paint it if Mr Batty could make something.


ACTION: BD to draw a totaliser sketch for Mr Batty and he has agreed to build it.

ACTION:MC to bring bank statement for next meeting




Quiz Night Feedback
The group agreed the event was a great success. The PTA would like to thank Peter Blinston who was commended for his role as compere, we would like to thank the bar staff Anne Marie Fawkes and Phillipa Graham for their excellent service and keeping the drinks flowing! The PTA would also like to thank the school staff for filming the children asking questions for the quiz and Mrs Wells and Mr Hughes for joining us on the night.




Disco – 23rd June

Jonathan booked for 5.15-6.15 for key stage 1 and 6.30-7.30 for key stage 2
Cost £150 + VAT
SD setting up Jonathan as a new supplier, school pays the invoice and we pay school to avoid VAT.

Tickets £3.00 includes crisp, juice and small bag of sweets.


ACTION:SD setting Jonathan up as a new supplier to avoid VAT

SD to send letter out to parents.

AP: to put on Facebook page & website

PTA to check juice & crisps and buy sweets- bag up sweets.



Summer Fair
PB is in charge of ‘Dad’s BBQ’
Stalls List discussed:
1) Soft Drinks & Ice creams – next to the BBQ, need an adults on this stall
2)Cakes – HB to run stall – could have a competition (themed bun/cake)
3) Lego Comp – CL to run stall, introducing to new reception parents to also enter. Claire contacted Armadillos for a prize.
4)Plant stall – BD running and asking allotment children plus parents to help, selling plants, herbs and hanging baskets.
5) Sponge a Teacher – SA to run this. Setting up a rota. The children also like sponging each other!
6) Pamper Area (Year 3)- Face painting, nails, hairspray, Mrs Hellas- Holistic Hands.
7)Bottle Stall – ask teachers
8)Crafts Area – ask reception/year 1 to run
9)Year 6 stall- SD to speak to year 6 & see what they would like to do
10) Teddy Tombola
11) Bric a Brac
12)Jarbola – winner every time £1 a go and not just sweets – ask parents to donate any unused/wanted party bag items they may have.
13) Adult Toiletries Stall – unwanted and unused toiletries – could be a tombola as makes more money.

The group agreed if the weather is good to have a ‘festival on the field’ so that everything is on the field. People arrive through the gates where they pay and then head up to the field.
Ask people to bring : gazebos, blankets, chairs etc.
We also agreed a bouncy castle makes a good profit, need to contact a company called Zebra. Paid approx. £120 last year for 2. If anyone can get anything cheaper or better still for free!

Contact Local Companies to see if they would like a stall
1 Act Theatre Group to perform
Pat a Pony – DB to contact Elspeth Farm
Contact : Heather Innes – Karate Display
Mrs Deery & Mrs Noonan & Mrs Ward – Irish Dancing Display

Contact police and fire to see if they can come with various vehicles

SD: ask Jo Murray to do the raffle stall
SA: Rota for teachers to do sponge a teacher.
SD: to ask teachers to help on bottle stall
SD to set up box in staff from for hamper donations for the fair summer hamper raffle.AP to run stall &recruit volunteers

SD to ask Mrs Hellas to do Holistic hand massages

BD: Contact Ann – Head massage.

BD: to ask Rec & Y1 parents to do

SD to do letter with dates on asking parents to bring in Teddies,toys,bric brac, bottles,toiletries,cakesetc


SD:Contact Zebra for a bouncy castle.

AP: ask class reps to put on class page

PG: to contact theatre company
BD to contact Elspeth Farm
SD:to ask Miss Dixon contact details of the people who came in for careers week.



Sports Day Refreshments – 14th July 10.00am
Mrs Wells has asked if PTA would like to sell teas, coffees, left over fair crisps,sweets etc. And then lollies etc that day after school.

The group wanted to know how long it lasts and who would be able to go as in the morning and people working.


AP: to contact Class reps to circulate the date on facebook page and start a conversation to see who can go. Then who can help sell. Please



Christmas Fundraising event – Pottery and Prosecco!! –

Cost £15.00 per ticket - can decorate 3 items
(we make £5.00 on every ticket minus a glass of Prosecco/ nibbles + licence)
RAFFLE – BD to organise nearer the time
MC to apply for licence

Church Hall – so we can use the bar
(Could do in school if we think it is too cold)


SD emailed dates to Zoe to see if can book either 20th Oct or 10th Nov- confirm for next meeting




Date and time of next meeting

Monday 19th June at 3.30pm

To finalise disco & discuss fair actions



NEXT PTA MEETING: Monday 8th May at 3.30pm

All parents and teachers of Holy Name school are welcome, and encouraged to come along to have their say in fundraising events for the school. It's also a great way to meet people and be a part of the school community!
Easter Competitions

KS1 Easter Hat Competition 
Be crazy, be inventive, be big and be bold.
Make or decorate a hat for the School Easter Hat parade.
Bring your Easter creation to school on Thursday 30th March

KS2 Easter Egg Competition
Using a hard-boiled (or blown) egg create an Easter themed model 
of your favourite super hero, celebrity, sports person, singer... 
the choice is yours. Bring your Easter creation to school on Thursday 30th March
There will be a treats and prizes for all entries.


The Holy Name Quiz is back! Friday 19th May.
With traditional quiz categories, video questions from the children, fish and chip supper, a well stocked bar and a trophy!
Tickets are £7.50 each and will be on sale very soon.
Please get it in the diary and share with all parents.
PTA Meeting 16/01/17

First PTA Meeting of the year

Winter Wonderland Saturday 3rd December 2016
What a fabulous Winter Wonderland! Thank you so much to all those who came to support Holy Name on Saturday. We had a great turn out, there was a lovely festive atmosphere and we are very pleased to announce that we raised even more money than last year! Initial figures show we've made around £2000 profit. That's £2000 closer to achieving our goal for a Holy Name school minibus! 
 A huge thank you to every single person who contributed - those that gave donations and those that gave up their time in the run up and on the day. The Winter Wonderland could not have happened without you.
Congratulations to those that won the hampers (below). Please contact the school to claim your prize. 
716 Finn year 6
665 Akash
434 Zoe Year 2
596 Eva Year 3
558 Lucy Year 3
383 Forbes
426 Gabby Year 1

Please look out for the next PTA event. A meeting will be held in the new year. Everyone is welcome!

PTA Newsletter November 14th 

This year’s Winter Wonderland is looking to be a social event not to be missed! Parents and teachers are working hard behind the scenes to pull together a fun day for all the family that’s also going to raise loads of money for the school.

Classes have already started to collate the items for the luxury hampers. Tickets for these will go on sale in the playground from week commencing 21st November and you will also be able to buy them on the day.

This year’s stalls will include a brand new Gift Stall, classics like the Jarbola and Bottle stalls, and the ever popular Toy Stall. There will be activities for the kids including the Photo Booth, Nail Bar, hair and face painting, sweet and popcorn stall and a games area that includes throwing snowballs at the life size snowman! The ever popular Café is back selling pulled pork, mince pies and tasty veggie options too. And of course, there will be the all important Santa’s Grotto.

The foundations are being laid but we can’t put on the event without your help and donations. To make it easier this year we are asking parents to bring in donations across one week commencing 28th November. There will be a different focus each day:
Tuesday 29th November 2016 Donated sweets for the Jarbolla stall
Wednesday 30th November 2016 Donated good quality toys
Thursday 1st December 2016 Donated good quality gifts for the White Elephant stall.
Plus call for volunteers to ‘jar up’ sweets for Jarbolla stall on Thursday afternoon before pick up.
Friday 2nd December 2016 Wear your Christmas jumper and bring a bottle

Each year group is heading up a different stall / activity so please do volunteer to help out on the day if you can. Your class reps will keep you up to date on requests for items and any help that is needed. We really appreciate all your effort and support to make this event a great experience for all the kids and their families.

Next PTA meeting is Wednesday 16th November 6.30pm. Here we will discuss more detail for the Winter Wonderland and put together a calendar of future fundraising events. It would be great to see new people and get more ideas. Everyone is welcome. Thanks very much.

Fundraising Target

This year the PTA have been asked by the school leadership team to raise funds which would go towards buying a mini bus for Holy Name.  As a PTA, our prime objective is to increase and enhance the learning opportunities available to the children in the school and look to improve these where possible.  The cost of purchasing a mini bus is considerable but it would be a key asset in enabling children to access the wealth of learning opportunities for the children outside the classroom.  We would aim to contribute £11,000, approximately half of the cost required, and would be the PTA fund raising target for the next two years. 

When planning learning opportunities outside the classroom, teachers have to consider the benefits for children against the impact of the extra cost to parents.  Currently, the largest cost of school trips, and extracurricular activities, is travel.  Owning a mini bus would open up a larger number of imaginative, inspirational, and motivational trips and events for the children of Holy Name with less cost to parents. St Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Academy purchased a mini bus 2 years ago and have seen significant benefits to the school in the trips and events it can plan for.  We would like to be able to do the same at Holy Name.   

The intention is to purchase a 17 seater mini bus.  This will be a resource for smaller groups attending extracurricular events and sporting activities and as part of the Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust, we will co-ordinate with St Mary’s to combine our resources and provide transport for whole class trips.

The current PTA committee members have agreed and approved the request to target fundraising in this way and will be our target.  In light of this, day to day funding request will have to be prioritised.

Can we take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and look forward to getting the keys to Holy Name’s very own mini bus with record breaking fund raising events over the next two years!
PTA Meeting
Tuesday 1st November 2016 at 6.30pm
Holy Name School
Minutes of the meeting

Sarah Devlin (SD) Mary Carpenter (MC) Jessica McNeill (JMcN) Susie Haywood (SH) Jo Waterhouse (JW) Sabah Achhide (SA) Phillipa Graham (PG) Una Milestone (UM) Bronagh Daly (BD) Helen Bellamy (HB) Nuala Newton (NN) Geraldine O’Sullivan-Lawton (GO-L)Anne Priestley (AP) Joanne Greaves (JG) Sarah Anteney (SA) 

Jo Murray, Mrs Wells, Angela Hargreaves, Margaret Jones, Sarah Forbes, Emma Cooper, Donna Swales and Michelle Childs.
Item Comment Action
1 SD opened the meeting and the minutes of the last meeting were circulated and agreed.
2 JMcN introduced the main item agenda planning the Winter Wonderland event.  JMcN advised that whilst there were many traditional stalls which will remain at the WW event we would like to consider trying new things.
To allow everyone the opportunity to put their views and suggestions across all attendees split into smaller groups to discuss what they would like to see, any new suggestions would need to be agreed and practical in light of the WW only being 4 weeks away.  Also we would be looking for people to commit to run and manage stalls both existing and new.
After 15 mins – the groups came back to discuss suggestions and agree stalls along with responsible Year groups or named people to run.
3. All groups proposed support for existing stalls or suggested new alternatives and the following list of stalls has been agreed:
Stall Lead Person/Year Group
Toy Stall Year 5 and 3
Café Phillipa Graham
Games area with new games (crafts?) Reception
Gifts and Wrapping Nuala Newton/Sarah Anteney/Helen Bellamy Yrs 4 & 6
Santa’s Grotto Flo/Donna Swales - Santas (TBC)
David Wilkinson, Graham Bellamy, Peter Blinston plus 1 other
Popcorn & Sweets Bronagh Daly, Year 2
Bottle Stall Holy Name Staff – (Parents donate)
Year 6 Enterprise Stall Mr Routh
Luxury Hamper Raffle Nuala Newton and Joanne Greaves to make up from donations.  Annie Priestley and Year 2 reps to sell tickets
Dressing Up Photo Booth Sarah Devlin/Stephen Anteney, Year 4
Jarbola Brima Turay – (To arrange session to jar up donated sweets)
Hair and Nails / Face Painting Sabah Achhide and Catherine Franz
One Charity Stall selling jewellery Contact of Mrs Fletcher – all proceeds go to Teenage Cancer Ward at Jimmy’s.
Front Door /Programme Michelle Child / Mrs Wells
One other stall of Farm Animal Racing is being considered depending on available equipment.  Susie Haywood to confirm.
There was also the consideration of whether cakes should be donated to raffle off or sell at the café, this needs to be confirmed at the next meeting to be able to manage messages to parents and school.
Items that are needed and identified people to produce/donate for the stalls were confirmed:
Item Responsible Person
Snowman for Snowball throw game Karen Burke
Small fake Christmas Tree Jessica McNeill
Sweet Stall Clare Nunan
Santa Grotto Decorations and Lights ALL
Key actions to plan in the coming weeks:
Manage clear communications and messages to parents for items to be donated, including sweets for jarbolla and a session to ‘jar up’, bottles for bottle stall, toys and good quality gifts.
In previous years parents have felt dates for donations have not be circulated early enough so this needs to be planned well in advance.
NOTE: Since the meeting Mrs Wells has agreed the 2.12.16 as a wear your Christmas jumper and bring a bottle day.
Luxury Hamper Donations are managed by class reps.  AP will circulate the hamper list for parents to select and item to donate.
Prices and entry fees plus layout and final issues will be agreed at the next meeting.
6 In other PTA matters, there was a request for a donation of funding from Mrs Hurley towards the following items:
Whole school pantomime total cost £999
Whole school discos total cost £320
The PTA agreed to a £500 donation towards the costs of these events in light of the fact they benefit the whole school.
7 Date of the next meeting was agreed as 16th November 2016 at 6.30pm  


Welcome to Holy Name PTA 2016/17

Welcome to YOUR PTA. It’s not an exclusive club. If you have a child in the school, or you are part of the teaching staff, then you’re automatically a member. Whether you’re an active member is completely up to you!
So what’s the point of the PTA and why should we get involved?
Everyone in the PTA has a common goal: to raise money to buy equipment and give experiences to enhance the learning of our children AND to have some fun along the way!
So how do we get involved?
The PTA is run purely by parents and teachers volunteering their time and donating. We all juggle busy lives and have very little time. However, the PTA only has two major fundraising events each year - the Summer Fair and the Winter Wonderland where we need people to run stalls. We also need volunteers on other occasions such as Bags4School, Seasonal Bun Sales and Quiz Night. 
But you don’t have to give up your time to help the PTA, your donations are equally important. Everything you send into school for all events goes a long way to helping raise even more money for all our children.
Who is the PTA?
You are! But as with all associations there needs to be an official structure in place. Overleaf is a guide to the key roles on the PTA and the names of those who have agreed to fill them this year, following the AGM on 10th October. Any ideas you have or offers of help can be put to any of the people overleaf, at any time.
The T in PTA
We are very grateful to Mrs Wells, Head of School, who attended the AGM on Monday. This year will see even more involvement of the Holy Name staff helping towards our goals for the PTA.
Mrs Well said: “Many thanks to the hard working PTA for their contributions to school resources and trips over the last academic year, they are an invaluable part of school life. I look forward to working with all new members over the next year". 
We’d love you to get involved so here’s how you can have your say and find out what’s happening:
  • Class reps: every year group will have at least one rep
  • Two notice boards: by the year 2 classroom and under the year 1 window on the playground
  • PTA section of the Holy Name website
  • Leaflets in book bags when necessary
DATE FOR THE DIARY: Tuesday November 1st 6.30pm in school. PTA meeting to discuss activities for the coming year, along with Winter Wonderland (Saturday 3rd December). More communications on the events and what we are raising money for will follow this meeting.
Come along, bring your ideas and meet new people!
Who is who in the PTA 2016/17?
Chairperson (Position will be shared throughout the group)
Sarah Devlin (Temporary Chair)
Jess McNeill 
Geraldine Lawton 
Treasurer - Mary Carpenter 
Vice Treasurer - Sarah Achhide
Communications Officer - Anne Priestley 
Class representatives
Rec – Emma Cooper and Jo Waterhouse
Yr1 – Bronagh Daly and Clare Conlon 
Yr2 – Sarah Anteney 
Yr3 – Jo Murray and Catherine Franz 
Yr4 – Nuala Newton and Sarah Yepes Castro 
Yr5 - Susie Haywood and Donna Swales 
Yr6 – Helen Bellamy and Angela Hargreaves 

Enhancing the learning experience of our children.

Welcome back after the summer break. I trust you are ready for another fun year of fundraising for our school. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the first meeting of the new academic year. The minutes of this meeting can be found below. Please be aware that the AGM will be held on October 10th. Nomination forms for the 2016/17 committee members will be heading your way soon.

  • Thank you to everyone who helped at the Summer fair. Whether you were involved in the planning and preparation stage, contributed itemsor helped out on the day your involvement is very much appreciated. We raised a fantastic £1400 which considering the less than summery conditions is brilliant. WELL DONE EVERYONE!
  • Thanks for helping make the Bags 2 School a success. We raised £98.
  • Thanks to everyone who helped bake and sell and buy buns at the KS 1 bun sale. We raised £78.34.
  • Thanks to everyone who attended the coffee morning. The minutes from this are below.

What has the the money been spent on this year?

Between March 1st 2015 and April 30th 2016 we raised a grand total of £6750.67 and spent a total of £9,655.07. This went on the following items:
  • Contribution towards new books £2,000
  • Refreshments for parents forum & contribution towards Mrs Comaish's retirement do £18.58
  • PTA Memberahip £96
  • Year 6 leavers T-Shirts £224
  • Contribution towards the coach for the Year 5 residential £510
  • Reception party £85
  • 15 Ipads £3577.50
  • Christmas selection boxes for all children £215
  • Books £1750
  • PTA Freezer £128.99
  • Topslice (voted for spend for each class £1050
As you can see we have been spending lots all of which has gone directly to or is contributing towards enhancing the learning of all the children in our school.

A BIG thanks for all your involvement over this last year. Long may it continue.
Join us on Facebook to
hear updates, chat about planned events and share stories with other Parents and teachers fundraising
for our school

AGM Monday 10th October 6.30 - 8 pm in the school hall

What is the PTA?
The PTA raises funds to enhance the learning expereince of our children. Once your child joins Holy Name Primary School or you join the school's teaching staff you automatically become a member of the Parent Teacher Association. The PTA committee meets 4 times a year, all meetings are advertised in the bulletin. PTA committee members are all volunteers. You can join the committee meetings without being elected. Everyone has a say in how the funds are raised and spent.

Why do we need to raise funds?
Each year we raise funds to enhance the learning expereince of our children. We  purchase equiptment and resources that are not covered in the school budget. For the next three years we are dedicating our fundraising to the purchase of books, iPads and games. Being an active member of the PTA is also a great way to get more involved in the whole school community

What can I do?
Volunteer at our planned events including the bun sales, Winterwonderland and Summer Fair. Help to photocopy the leaflets that advertise these events. Help to edit the website and Facebook page. Spread the word. It doesnt matter if you are at the school every day or not at all. Everyone can help out. If you can spare a few hours a month, please leave your phone number/email with Mrs Flynn in the main office or email

Match funding
This is a simple way of maximising the fundraising efforts of PTA volunteers. 
Match funding offers Holy Name PTA a chance to significantly increase vital funds which will be used to invest in our children’s learning experience.  Ask your employer if schemes are available at your place of work, we can provide the required letters of authority from the PTA and we can start to plan how we can work together to improve the educational experiences of our children. If your employer can help in thos way, leave details in the office with Mrs Flynn for the attention of the PTA Committee  or email
Do your own thing
If you are thinking of doing your own thing to raise funds for Holy Name Primary School PTA please let Mrs Flynn in the school office know, we will get in touch with you to help you organise and promote your event.

Paying in donations
All donations of cash and cheque for PTA must be given to Mrs Flynn in the school office and marked for the attention of the PTA Committee. Please make cheques payable to 'Holy Name Primary School PTA'.
School Fair Photos

Here you will find copies of all the flyers that the PTA send out in book bags