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End of Year Expectations
The Vikings

Year 5's gallery. Art work from the term's work.

Anglo Saxon Homework

The children worked incredibly hard over the last 2 weeks producing some fabulous Anglo Saxon projects. They then presented what they had produced to the class this week.

Science this half term

We have been very bust investigating forces in science this half term. We began by investigating what we measure for in (a unit called Newtons) and tried to find out if there was a link between mass and weight. Using Newton meters we found that 1N = 1kg. We have also looked how to show forces on a diagram and learnt that there is always lots of different forces acting on us in different ways - including gravity (thank goodness!), air resistance, reactionary forces, water resistance and many more. We then investigated how the shape or material of a parachute can affect the air resistance slowing the fall. We had a great time making different parachutes to see which fell the slowest - giving us the best parachute. We are looking forward to investigating how shape affects the amount of water resistance on an object next week!


Only a 'wreck this page' for the half term holiday.


All the necessary for homework (14.10.16)


All the necessary for homework (7.10.16)


Most of what you need for homework 30.9.16. If you need the reading comprehension sheet, come and see me.

Miss Pearson will be running the School Council this year.
If you wish to be Class 5's representative please produce a poster and a short speech explaining why you would be the best condidate for the post.
The elections will be on Thursday and the successul candidates will be announced at Friday's celebration assembly.

All the necessary for homework (23.9.16)

Yr 5 timetable

Year 5 have a two week timetable. Please see week 1 and week 2 below.


All the necessary for homework (16th September)

Year Five celebrated Roald Dahl day along with the rest of Holy Name.
They learnt about Roald Dahl and his life, wrote Revolting Rhymes, made strawberry truffles and watched 'Roald Dahl live'.
Some of the Revolting Rhymes will be available to listen to on Thursday at our prize giving ceremony.
Roald Dahl Day

Working at the Chocolate Factory

Hello Year 5,
I hope you have all had a good weekend.
Don't forget it is Roald Dahl day on Tuesday so it's time to put the finishing touches to your costumes.
Mine is nearly finished - can you guess who I might be going as?

All the necessary for homework (9th September)

Half Term planner

Here is the outline plan for Autumn 1

Coming soon...