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Maths in action

Some Year 5 were using various resources to show what actually happens when we carry out addition.

RE letter

This is the whole school overview of RE for this half term. Please read through it and support your children in the areas connected to Year 5.

Year 5 writing collective worships

Each group have produced a collective worship connected to the Creation. They will be used over the next few weeks.

Mrs Milner's Anglo Saxon workshop

We have been making Anglo Saxon houses, clothes and jewellery.

Year 5 are becoming settlers

If we were the Anglo Saxons and settled in this land, what would our settlement look like?

Roald Dahl day in Year 5

Sweets that grow, volcanoes to remove George's grandma and the amazing costumes.

Debating in Year 5

Here is the letter about the debating initiative we have joined.

Year 5 homework

This is the homework grid for Autumn 1. If there are any questions or you have lost your passwords, please come and see me and i will happily help.

End of Year Expectations