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Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page! 
We are a fantastic class of 28 children who are taught by Miss Pearson and Mrs O'Connor. 
We are really excited to get stuck in to our Egyptian topic, Rounders in PE, Animals including Humans in Science, Belonging in the church in RE and much much more.
You'll be able to see lots of things we do on twitter and on this web page so keep checking.

We will be doing PE on a Friday afternoon so make sure you have your kit and trainers in school.
We do times tables on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Spellings will be given out on a friday and a test will be done the following Friday.
Reading books are changed on a Tuesday and we will also visit the library on a Tuesday (books can be changed more regularly).
Year 4 Sports Day at Cardinal Heenan
Learning all about angles
Digestion Experiment - from chew to POO!
Basketball session
Our Skip Dance and Keep the pot boiling
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Skipping Schools Y4 Skipping Competition
A visit from a Dentist
Homework: Summer 1 - Week 4 and 5
What we've been up to this week.
Egyptian dancing
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Egyptian Day

What a fabulous way to kick off our Egyptian topic! Everyone looked AMAZING. We: - learnt all about canopic jars and their role in mummification. - made our own canopic jars - tested the strength of the pyramid - made our own Egyptian collars - played the ancient Egyptian game of Senet - learnt an Egyptian dance

Egyptian Homework
Homework: Summer 1 - Week 2 and 3
Last week of term!

We had a great day on Wednesday, swapping classrooms with year 4 at St Mary's Horsforth. We freeze framed the Stations of the Cross and wrote reflections for each one. We also had lots of fun making new friends and creating great artwork.

Year 4 in action during Sport Relief
What we've been up to this week.

Busy busy week learning about adding and subtracting fractions, choosing the best applicant for a mission to mars in preparation for writing their biography and learning about classifying animals in science. In RE we've been linking Palm Sunday to the different beliefs about Jesus and in topic we started to learn all about tsunamis. We talked about our differences and how it makes us special during circle time. We also learnt how to take photos and upload them onto the computer network.... so some amusing photos cropped up.

What we've been up to this week.

We've had great fun this week. We've been learning all about fractions in maths, looked at Neil Armstrong's biography and written our own diary entries in English and in RE we've started our new topic: Jesus, The Saviour by looking at the Mystery of the Incarnation. In topic we've looked at earthquakes and what to do in when there's an earthquake drill. We also made buildings and put them on jelly to see if they'd withstand an earthquake. In Science, we've started our new topic: Living things and their habitats, we made posters for the 7 life processes: Mrs NERG. In PE we have continued to practise skipping and had coaching for handball and dodgeball which was super fun!

Skipping fun

Year 4 are getting serious preparing for their skipping competition later in the year.

Welcome Back!

We've had a wonderful time in Year 4 this week learning about Chinese New Year. We started our journey on Tuesday with our flight to China then we: - learnt how to do sudoku - had a go at Chinese line multiplication - researched and wrote about China and it's traditions - created a HUGE dragon - made blossom prayer trees - learnt about the Willow Pattern story - made our own Willow Pattern plates - learnt to write in Chinese - made noodles dance in a science experiment - tasted traditional Chinese food - made lanterns - learnt about different Chinese religions WHAT A WEEK!

What we've been up to this week.

Even though it's been assessment week, we've still had a fab time in year 4. In maths we've been looking at area, and finished off with drawing a minecraft version of ourselves and working out our area. We spent Friday trying to solve the case of the spoilt pancakes in maths. In English we looked at apostrophes and we also wrote letter to our friends: Orla, Ruby, Joshua and Chibuikem. We have continued our topic in RE by looking at the symbols light and dark and what they mean for Catholics. In topic we made our own volcanoes, and eventually got them to erupt. Thank you to everyone who came to see our Collective Worship on thursday, a special well done to Lourdes for playing our hymn on the piano. I hope you all have a great half term, see you in just over a week!

What we've been up to this week.

We started off the week with a really fun English lesson, using an experience to come up with exciting vocabulary. in maths we've learnt all about division, in science we finished our sound topic by investigating which material is the best for making sound cancelling headphones. In topic we learnt all about how volcanoes are made and in RE we looked at Jesus and his faith when he was growing up. Everyone made some AMAZING shapes and letters using logo in computing, they were so impressive.

Year 4's fabulous tsunami dance interpretations.
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What we've been up to this week.

Another fab week had by all in year 4. We've nearly finished our story about the book 'float' with lots of excellent sentence structures being shown. We have also worked hard in maths on multiplication- learning 2 new ways of calculating. In science we discovered and investigated how pitch using different instruments , making our own panpipes and in topic we used atlases, globes and maps to plot volcanoes on a map. In RE we have learnt about Jesus and the story of when he got lost in the temple. We performed a routine in dance to show different photos of earthquakes.

What we've been up to this week.

What a fabulous week!! We have continued our sentence stacking for our book 'float' - we even got a retweet from the person who created the sentence stacking technique! We also learnt about apostrophes for omission by being contraction surgeons. In maths, we've finished our times table and mental multiplication topic and will be moving on to written methods next week. In science we've been learning about sound, we made string telephones to see how sound travels through a solid. In topic we made 3D models of the layers of the earth, it was super fun to play with play dough. We started our dance unit this week - looking at routines involving volcanoes and earthquakes.

What we've been up to this week.

Year 4 had a great first full week back. We brushed up on our times tables in maths, looked at super fancy sentences in English, started our Science topic looking at 'Sound' and had a great time in our last archery session! Bring on next week.

Our amazing trip to magna!

Spring Term

« March 2018
Homework WC 8/1 and 15/1
Happy New Year!

Welcome back! We've had a great few days back at school; writing a recount of our holidays, working together to solve times table problems in maths, getting a sneak peak of our topic 'What makes the Earth Angry' in computing and having an archery taster session in PE!

What we've been up to recently.

We've had a great half term, finishing off our Stone Age to Iron Age topic, making water cycles in Science, learning how to use figurative ;language in English and look at multiplication in Maths. We also learnt about how Mary had to trust in God and compared being a refugee now to how Jesus would have felt going to Egypt.

KS2 Talent Show

KS2 put on a wonderful display of talent ranging from dance to rap and music to drawing. Our fabulous presenters Olivia and Anna did a great job organising the show!

Year 4's Gymnastic talents.
Herd Farm Workshop

Year 4 had an amazing time becoming archaeologists for the day. We took part in an archaeological dig and even reenacted a burial.

What we've been up to this week.

We've had a fab few weeks in year 4. This week we wowed everyone with our assembly, IT ROCKED! Thank you to the parents who came to watch. We also learnt about the Beaker people and created our own beakers from clay. We found out about how Stonehenge came about but no one knows why it's really there. In maths we had a focus on perimeter and in English we wrote diaries of our journey to Hogwarts and are starting a match report for a Quidditch game. Our class mass went really, thank you to those who read and to the parent who came and supported us. In RE, we have continued our topic of Trusting in God and created similes for trusting in God. In Science, we've gone experiment mad and have looked at measuring the mass of carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks and the melting temperature of chocolate.

What we've been up to this week.

This week we've started learning about column subtraction in maths, written a descriptive account of Diagon Alley, started looking at solids, liquids and gases in Science. We've also talked about Trusting in God in RE and in Art/D&T we've designed and started to create our own Diagon Alley shop.

Homework for WC 6/11 and 13/11
Spellings for 10th November
Check out our games we made using purple mash during computing by clicking on the link below:

Our Games
Year 4's Diwali Dance

During PE today we learnt a dance to celebrate Diwali next Thursday. Everyone worked really hard and we managed to finish the dance and make our own sections in an hour!!! We had some very warm faces by the end but I'm sure you'll agree, it was worth it!

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What we've been up to this week.

We've had a fab week in Year 4. In maths we've ended our place value topic by looking at negative numbers and counting in 25's. In English we've finished our book 'Stone Age Boy' and have written our own adventure stories. In Science we learnt how to draw circuit diagrams, in Topic we finished our cave paintings, made a cave of hands (very messy job) and started writing house adverts for Stone Age Dwellings and in RE we learnt the story of Jonah and the Whale.

Spellings for WC 16th October

We will be working through the 100 Year 3/4 words throughout next week. Starting with the first 25 on Monday and so on. For those on the 5/6 words, we will be doing the same, 1-25 on Monday and so on.

Learning about the story of Joseph in RE.
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What we've been up to this week.

We've had a great week being swept away with all the leaves and getting ready for the harvest festival. In maths we have looked at ordering and comparing 4 digit numbers, in English we have used inverted commas for direct speech and looked at how the 5 senses can help us with descriptive writing. In science we investigated conductors and insulators and in RE we learnt the story of Joseph using a story box and singing.

Autumn Term 1 RE Newsletter
What we've been up to this week.

This week we have been exploring circuits further in Science, looking at why circuits will and won't work. We have also been looking at the value of the digits in 4 digit number and been answering some tricky questions. In English we have got stuck in to our new book 'Stone Age Boy' , we've been hot seating characters, exploring adjectives to describe the characters and using fronted adverbials to re-write the start of the book.

Spellings for 6th October
What we've been up to this week.

We've had a fab week predicting what we think our new book in English is about. We've also been looking at rounding and place value in maths which has been tricky but we've got there. In Science we have started our topic of electricity and investigated different circuits and in Topic we used a toilet roll to see how long ago the Stone Age was and write our own pre-historic messages to each other. In RE we have been looking at our Holy Book the Bible and learning how to look up Bible references.

Spellings for 29th September
End of Year Expectations
Take a look at our first weeks back.
Spellings for 22nd September
Year 3/4 Spelling list