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So another year over and your children are in need of a well earned rest. They have worked so hard and made me laugh so much with their amazing individual personalities. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to be their teacher this year and they have made me incredibly proud of them on numerous occasions. I am sure they will love Year 4 and all the new learning and I am looking forward to hearing about all their future achievements.
Good luck Year 3, see you all next year, have a brilliant summer holiday be good and have fun!!
Mrs Leonard and I would like to thank you all for your very generous gifts, cards and good wishes we are truly overwhelmed. We would like to wish you all an amazing summer and hope you get the chance to have time together and share some peace and happiness.
I look forward to seeing you all again next year.
Mrs Milner X
Round 2
A fabulous day out with Yr3
A fantastic memory made with year 3 today at Lotherton Hall Wildlife World. Thank you to all our helpers who made the day very special. The weather was perfect and I am once again a very proud teacher. I am sure we will all sleep well tonight. Enjoy our photographs.
Well the end of a very busy week and of course with some special visitors in school, I just wanted you to know how amazing your children were and how very proud of them I am. Their behaviour, manners and attitude to work was exemplary.
So here we are at the end of the year and a lovely day out to look forward to on Tuesday. A well deserved treat to celebrate your hard work over the year lets hope the weather stays fine for us. 
Fabulous Inflatable
Skipping Workshop

Look at the determination and skill level, WOW!

Fruit Porcupine
Getting our Hearts pumping to start off Healthy Week.
What a fabulous week we have had, full of fun, exercise and healthy treats!  Dan from the Rhino's started the week off with a warm up to get our hearts ready for exercise. We were challenged to see which class could design the best healthy snack. We made a fruit porcupine and we all made a fruit kebab as a quill then we got to eat the delicious fruit that was left over. We are waiting with baited breathe to find out which class won the challenge. We had a skipping workshop led by Yr4 and they taught us how to skip with short ropes and long ropes as well as teaching us some cool tricks. We had a rounders competition with the rest of KS2 and for some of us it was our first time ever playing rounders and we loved it. The teachers actually beat us all in the end, we are not sure how but they did by 2 clear rounders. We are looking forward to more rounders in our PE sessions later in the term. 
We have learnt the importance of a healthy plate, what that looks like and how we can make small changes that make a big difference. We looked at keeping our bodies clean and the benefits of this and we even talked about having a healthy brain and using our growth mindset when we are challenged, so not giving up and really looking for ways around the problem. We practised our sports day events and were rained off but it didn't dampen our enthusiasm - WE CAN'T WAIT FOR FRIDAY!!!
Finally we had our fabulous inflatable this afternoon, our school cook even came up to the field to have a go with us. It was an amazing way to spend an hour and we think we should have an inflatable hour every week. What do you think Mrs Wells?
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We made flame headbands and ran around the playground with the Holy Spirit working in us, sheer joy.


A great day planting our seeds and sharing the experience with very special visitors

Another half-term is near to an end and I cannot believe how quick the time has gone again! Your children have worked incredibly hard in all areas of the curriculum. We have been working on fractions, money and are currently working on time, all very difficult concepts for young children to grasp but we are trying very hard. Time to wear a watch, analogue of course and practise simple time problems. What time is it now? What time do we get up, go to school, go swimming? How long does it take us to go to the shops, walk to school, get to the park etc. The more practise the children have the easier they find it.
Money is also difficult and as we are all a bit like the queen and don't carry cash it is only going to get harder. So let the children play with coins, pay when they go to the shops, predict the change they will get, play shops at home as well as add and subtract money.
We have been writing non-chronological reports about a Mallowdile - ask the children.
This week we have celebrated Pentecost by making and wearing our flames and recounting the recieving of the Holy Spirit for the disciples. 
Our Egyptian topic continues to be a big hit!! We have a sarcophagus in class, super stories, amazing powerpoint presentations, fabulous artwork as well as weekly treats from our brilliant bakers. Thank you all so much for all your support you have made this topic truly amazing.
The children have loved their science topic all about plants and have really enjoyed planting seeds, watching beans grow in our class and they have all ended up in our school allotment. Thank you to all those who were able to come and see us on our open day, the children were all really excited and enjoyed the whole afternoon.
Thank you all once again for your support this half-term and I am very much looking forward to our final half-term together and all the treats it has in store.
Year 3 I wish you all a brilliant weeks holiday, I hope the sun shines and you all have lots of fun. Don't forget your homework tasks if you are fed up and are missing school, ha ha! 

Information for the remainder of the half-term.

Monday – reading books changed, please have log books in school with comments about the book your child has read.

PE – Monday and Thursday afternoon – children need PE kit, trainers and water bottles, weather permitting we will be outside and it is very important the children keep hydrated.

Friday Spelling test – All Yr 3 spellings

Library books – will be changed Monday-Friday  with books from our class library.

Year 3 have a reading passport and we are trying to read around the world before the end of the year. To do this we need to read 30 books, this can be books read in class, in guided reading, home reading books (if parents have made a comment in the log book) and library books.

I cannot believe we are at the end of week 3 and we have never stopped. We have had some very busy days and your children have been working increibly hard. The children really enjoyed the Egyptian day and they all looked incredible. We made canopic jars, collars, different pyramids to test their strength and we even did Eygptian dancing. All the children were totally engaged and we had an amazing day.
Yr 3 are breaking all reward point records with all the points they are earning with their topic homework. I have  read some fabulous stories, seen some brilliant art work, heard some amazing questions and best of all tasted some delicious Egyptian chocolate cake, very yummy! Keep it up Year 3 I am very impressed with the effort you are making with this topic.

We have produced some lovely pieces of writing and we are working constantly on our presentation which is improving and many children have already recieved presentation points towards our reeward chart.

We have also worked really hard on our fractions in maths, it is very tricky but we are doing really well and using our growth mindset to keep going.   

We have planted seeds in science and we are learning about the different things plants need to grow. We are hoping our seeds are ready to plant in the allotment on our open afternoon when hopefully some of you will come along and help us. Don't forget your gardening gloves.

We are very lucky to have Dan from the Rhino's for one of our PE sessions and the children are having a great time outdoors working on their reflexes as well as some field and track events.

A great half-term so far and we are looking forward to the last few jam-packed weeks. We really hope you will be able to join us for some part of the open afternoon where you will be able to see some of the things we have been doing. 
Working on reflexes in PE
Egyptian Day
Thank you to the First Reconciliation children and parents.
What a wonderful surprise from you and your parents, a lovely gift and a beautiful orchid! Absolutely unnecessary as I was very proud to be part of the preparation for this very special sacrament for your children. The children created a very holy and prayerful environment and were a credit to you all as well as Holy Name school and I was very honoured to be part of it.
Congratulations children, on this special step towards your First Holy Communion and remember how good it felt and there will be no worries in the future.
Egyptians topic sheet

Collect points as you learn about this amazing civilisation.

Where did that half-term go? Now we are racing towards summer and the end of the school year. The children had an action packed half-term starting with 'Chinese New year' and ending with 'Holy Week' with everything in between. The children have worked incredibly hard this year and I know we have an amazing half term ahead starting with our Egyptian day - I am so excited about this topic as I know most of the children are also. If any of you would like to get a head start I have included a photograph of how you can start collecting topic points. Get your thinking caps on, be creative and research this amazing ancient civilisation!
Exciting times ahead and lots of opportunities to take our learning outside as the weather starts to improve. Let’s make this the busiest and best term ever.
Keep working hard on your Mathletics, SPaG and of course some amazing reading but have a good rest and enjoy time with your families in this special season of Easter.
I will add dates and times for PE, book changes etc. as we near the end of the holidays. 

Year 3 Homework schedule

A good way to spend 10 minutes each day.

Another busy week has flown by and we are racing towards half term. We have all been working incredibly hard. We have been using similes and adjectives to improve our descriptions and we have finally got to the end of our picture book 'Journey'. So now we know the story we are writing our own versions of it.
We are doing well with our weekly spellings but next week we need to be working hard on all our Yr3/4 spellings ready for our assessments.
Congratulations to Ronia and Clayton our mathletics champions over the last two weeks, however, we are being absolutely thrashed by Year 4 so come on Year 3 lets get going, I know we can do it!
We have been working on multiplication and division and we found out how important our times tables are so lets keep working on them, remember topmarks website is very good for this.
What a busy half term and we are already half way through the school year!  Can you believe that?
A jam-packed, busy, fun week. We have been learning about nouns, proper nouns and adjectives in SPaG. we have been making some super predictions about our story 'Journey' I can't wait to find out if our predictions are accurate or not. We wrote about our amazing trip to Magna and in maths we have very nearly conquered using the grid method in multiplication.
Today we have been learning about money, comparing amounts and starting to add money - that decimal point can be very tricky if it's not in the correct place!
Overall a very challenging week but we have persevered and we are all making good progress.

Just a note to let you know we are in competition at the moment with Year4 in Mathletics, we are going to have a leader board and certificates each week for the child who has the most points. At the moment a child in year 4 has over 4000 points, the week ends on Sunday on Mathletics so come on everyone lets really go for it.
You know how much I love certificates and trophies

Have a super weekend, see you Monday. 
Year 3 Class Information

Just some house keeping information to help us all keep organised. 

- Swimming Kit 
- Home readers and log books in for changing

- Full PE kit and trainers
- Library books for changing 

Our visit to Magna

We had a wonderful time at the Magna Science centre.

Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you all so much for your cards gifts and good wishes, I was truly spoilt!

So the start of another amazing year and we certainly started with a bang - a super informative trip to Magna.  All the children were engrossed in all the activities and we had a really great day, despite the weather. The driver on our coach thanked the children for a lovely trip he said it was the best trip he had ever had with any children, needless to say I was extremely proud.
Have a look at our photo's on the gallery.

The children are really back into the school routine and are working very hard, long may this continue. 

Mrs Milner
End of Year Expectations

Our Topic this half term is ‘Called to Change’.

In this topic, we will learn how Jesus called people to change and turn away from sin. How Jesus taught forgiveness and recognise reconciliation as a celebration of God’s love and forgiveness. We will understand what happens during the sacrament of reconciliation. We will learn how we can change during Lent.

Spring 1 - 2018



This half term we will be looking at the picture book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker.

We will use the book to work on: sentence structure using adverbials of time and place to open sentences.

Use embedded relative clauses to add detail and mark with commas.

Check punctuation and use speech marks and apostrophes accurately.

We will have a specific grammar focus each week and will also continue to practice the year 3/4 spelling words and homophones.

Guided reading sessions will take place each week.

This half term we will be looking at number, multiplication and Division. Children will use their knowledge of multiplication and division facts to compare statements using inequality symbols.

Children will multiply and divide a two-digit number by one digit.


Times tables will remain a focus, so we will be regularly working on times tables to be able to mentally multiply facts up to 12 x 12.


We will use our reasoning and problem solving skills weekly to use and apply our learning.


We will be starting our new topic of ‘What makes the Earth angry?’

In this physical geography topic, we will be looking at extreme weather and natural disasters such as volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.


Autumn 2 -2017


Year 3 have been enjoying a mix of interesting sub-topics this half term. They have been learning all about the difference between a main and subordintaing clause, as well as what formal and informal language is. The children have really enjoyed looking at letters and their features and have planned and written their own complaint letters using formal language.


Multiplication and division has been our biggest focus this half term as it is a requirement that the children are able to recall all multiplication facts up to 2x12 over the coming year or so. 

Autumn 1


In Roald Dahl week this week, we have been learning about the story of the BFG.
We  all loved the brilliant performance on Monday morning and we felt inspired to learn more about the amazing story.
We have been practising our dictionary and thesaurus skills, coming up with exciting words to describe Sophie and the BFG. We found replacement words such as colossal and menacing.

We have also planned and written our very own recount from Sophie’s point of view, when she was snatched out of her bed by the BFG.
We had to put ourselves in her shoes and think about how she would be feeling at each point in the scene.


In Maths this half term, Year 3 have been practising their place value skills and are now working on their addition and subtraction methods. We are beginning to become experts at using written methods to solve trickier sums! 

RUCSAC challenges.

Our topic for this term is 'The Stone Age'. We will be going back in time to see the differences between our ancestors and the way we live today. We will have the opportunity to learn about different cave paintings, before having a go ourselves!

Year 3 and 4 joined forces for a Stone Age/Bronze Age workshop and assembly and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Stone Age assembly/workshop