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Wave hello to Year 2!
Welcome to Year 2!

The staff in Year 2 are Mr Prior and Mrs Harrington. If you have any concerns or suggestions we would love to hear them.

Important days in the week in Year 2 are:
Monday -
PE session - please make sure PE kit is in school, indoor and outside kit.
Tuesday - spellings go home. Please help support your child tolearn them. Test is on Friday.

Wednesday- PE session - please make sure PE kit is in school, indoor and outside kit.
Friday - Reading books will be changed today. Spelling test takes place. Times tables test also done. Please support your child so that they learn the 2x 3x 5x and 10x tables by heart.

We look forward to working with you this year!

End of Year Expectations
South America - Brazil

To conclude our South American topic we had a real-life visitor! Alessandra comes from Brazil but now lives in Leeds. She came into our class to talk about her home country. She showed us lots of photographs of her family who still live there and some of the jobs involved with her family. We saw pictures of Amazonian people receiving medical care from doctors and dentists. It was fascinating to hear how remote-living people coped. We understood that there are many similarities as well as differences between our two countries. To finish off, Year 2 asked some well-prepared questions which Alessandra was happy to answer: for instance, 'Do you prefer living here or Brazil?'; 'What are the differences in weather?'; 'How long does it take to fly to Brazil?' It was a lovely session!

Brazil Talk

Our Brazilian visitor listens to questions made up by the children.

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Science - Plants Topic

This afternoon we became seed dispersers. We had already learned that seeds are dispersed in many ways including by the wind, water and by attaching to animals. To follow this up we investigated what will happen to seeds if they land in certain places. Would some have a better chance of growing than others in a different place? Working in pairs we dispersed cress seeds (these grow fast!) and recorded exactly where they lay. As the next few days go on we will keep checking them to see if there is any growth.

Leeds Rhinos

Our final class session with the Leeds Rhinos. We have had a brilliant year learning many skills. A massive thank-you to Dan for all of his hard work and enthusiasm!

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Trip To Tropical World and Roundhay Park

What a fun day! First we went on a luxury coach which is normally used by the Leeds Rhinos! When we arrived we went into Tropical World and explored in groups. Since our topic has been about the Amazon Rainforest we were particularly interested in finding things from South America. We found plenty, including tarantulas, piranhas and tree frogs. Then in the afternoon some of the staff took us into the forest and taught us all about native plants. We were shown how to tell a tree's age (measure around the trunk then divide by 3) and which species lived in Roundhay Park. To finish off the day we had a lovely ice lolly!

Worry Dolls

It took us a few sessions but we finally completed our Worry Dolls!

Health Week - Bouncy castle

Look at us having fun and using our energy to climb, crawl, jump from and move across the bouncy castle!

Healthy week

Look at Year 2 learning new skills from their peers in Year 4.

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Healthy Week - Skipping Lesson

The Year 4 Class taught us lots of different ways to skip. They were excellent teachers!

Healthy Week - Making Healthy Snacks

We decided to make pitta pockets filled with healthy fruit and vegetables. Every child in the class had a go at cutting or grating some food including carrots, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, grapes and peppers. We spread hummus on the inside of some pitta bread, then cut them into smaller pieces. We decided to have a picnic outside to eat them!

Anthony Browne - Author Study

In class we have a large selection of Anthony Browne books. We are learning about him as an author and discussing what we like about his stories. Here we are working in pairs to read various books and list the things we like and dislike about them.

Sports Day practising continues.
Telling the time - in 5-minute intervals.
Writing Working Wall.

Our latest Working Wall - we had to describe a scene from Anthony Browne's story "The Tunnell" using expanded noun phrases.

Topic Work - South American Worry Dolls

We listened to "Silly Billy" by Anthony Browne which is about a boy who receives worry dolls from his grandmother. We designed our own dolls then made them from dolly pegs. The materials used were string, wool, fabrics and paints. We are very proud of them!

Maths - Quarter and Half Turns

Very practical lessons in Maths this week! We learned how to make clockwise and anti-clockwise turns, and to turn one- two- and three-quarters. We also learned how to move in steps of various directions, including forwards, backwards, left and right.

More Directions and Turns
Eastertide - RE

After listening to the story of Pentecost, we have re-enacted the account of the Holy Spirit. We wondered how the Disciples would have felt before and after they received the gifts of the spirit.

Science - Animals and Their Habitats

Whilst learning about this particular topic Year 2 went outside to explore the local environment. We were specifically looking at micro-habitats and the living things found there. We took our clipboards and used magnifiers to record our findings. We had a lot of fun using the pooters to collect the minibeasts! Parents also supported us as this was the afternoon where parents were invited in to watch our lessons. At the end of the session we went back to the grassy area outside our classroom and put our minibeasts into the bug hotels we had made alongside our investigating.

Habitat Dioramas

During our Science topic of Animals and Their Habitats we used reference books and search engines to find out as much as we could about different habitats. Then we created some dioramas of the different main kinds. We loved using all of the art resources and natural materials found around school. It took us several days to complete them from scratch! We worked together really well. See if you can spot arctic, rainforest, jungle, desert, ocean and field.

RE - The Mass

Whilst learning about The Mass we went to Holy Name Church to look around. We had already learned the names of some of the artefacts used, like chalice, altar and tabernacle. Today we went to find these things and also to look around behind the scenes.

Sponsored Fun Run

Every time we did a lap on the field we picked up a token. We scored well over 200 laps altogether.

RE - Saints

Year 2 researching saints in the media suite.

PE - Balancing

Working in pairs to show good balancing skills.

World Book Day!

How many characters do you recognise?

Mother's Day Cards

Making our cards and taking part in the Mothers' day

Chinese New Year

Here we are making our Chinese farmers' hats; and a picture of our completed Great Wall of China which we all helped build together from clay.


This week we have been using resources to make repeating patterns. Then we learned about multiplication and division, and how to work out the inverse.