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Henry Moore sculptures

We started making our own Henry Moore sculptures today using pipe cleaners. Can you see the different shapes people were making?

Year 2 trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

As part of our art topic we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and saw some amazing sculptures, drew some sculptures and even made our own using materials, clay and pine cones. It was a wonderful day. Have a look at our photos to see!

Our trip to Harewood

As part of our local area study, Year 2 went to Harewood House to learn about the famous men who built it and to look at the different parts of Harewood. We investigated all around the house and grounds and are going to make maps.

Compass direction

As part of our Geography topic we have been using compass directions. We had to direct our partner to the treasure using north, south, east or west. We like to remember the order using the mnemonic never, eat, shredded, wheat!

Growing Plants

In Science we are investigating growing plants. Here we are planting some different seeds. We can't wait to see whose plants grown the most.

Layer diagrams

We thought about where we lived in our topic, Where in the world do we live? We created a layer diagram using images that we found on the internet to represent Earth, Europe, UK, England, Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Leeds and Cookridge.

Traditional Tale Transport

We investigated, created prototypes, designed, made and evaluated cars for traditional tale characters using questionnaires they completed. Look at how fabulous they look!

World Book Day

The children looked brilliant in their World Book Day costumes!

DT - Traditional Tale Transport

In DT we investigated chassis, axles and wheels using card, wheels, straws and dowling.

Skipping competition.
PDSA visit

We enjoyed our visit from PDSA and think we may have some future vets in KS1.

End of KS1 tests

If you were unable to attend the meeting for parents and would like to know more about the end of year 2 tests, have a look at the PowerPoint. It has also been sent home with some further information. If you have any questions or concerns, please come and see either Mrs Hurley or Mrs Waugh.

Dinosaur instructions

We are learning all about instructions in Year 2. We read some instructions all about making a dinosaur skeleton then we made them following the instructions carefully. They are nearly finished and we are experts at identifying imperative verbs and adverbs!

Bedtime story

What a wonderful time we had when the children returned to school for a bedtime story! We read There's a snake in my school, Boo! and Doughnuts for Dinosaurs. Boo! was our favourite.

Making dinosaurs

Year 2 made some fantastic sculptures of dinosaurs. A brilliant brachiosaurus, an amazing ankylosaurus and a terrific triceratops! We also used playdough to make small scale sculptures of dinosaurs.

We're going on a dinosaur hunt!

On Tuesday 21st February we went on a dinosaur hunt to find all the clues left behind by our visitor. Year 2 made some amazing deductions using the clues.

Famous Person Day

We had a great day dressed as famous people. We learnt lots about our famous people and compared them to Florence Nightingale. There were some surprising similarities! Thank you for your help preparing the costumes. The children all looked fantastic!

Don't forget our class assembly on Thursday 26th January. Prepare to learn all about Florence Nightingale!
Florence Nightingale Workshop

Year 2 had a fantastic workshop all about Florence Nightingale today. We learnt lots of facts such as she got the soldiers a pet tortoise called Jimmy. We dressed up as soldiers and nurses and we role played being in the hospital in Scutari. The children were wonderfully behaved.

Homework 7/12/16

Please find attached the homework for this week.

This week in maths we are focusing on time, Children in Y2 are expected to be able to tell the time to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and then to 5 minutes. You could try solving this problem on Nrich http://nrich.maths.org/7377
Y2 present The Hoity Toity Angel

Wow, what a fantastic nativity KS1 and Reception presented. Year 2 worked incredibly hard with the acting, singing and dancing. The Hoity Toity angel was amazing for learning all her lines! Mrs Hurley could not have been prouder. Amazing effort Year 2.

This week in maths we were thinking about weight. Why not try this Nrich interactivity to solve problems involving weight? http://nrich.maths.org/4725
Don't forget the amazing KS1 nativity this week! The children have practised long and hard and are practically Oscar ready. We look forward to performing for you on Wednesday 7th December at 2pm and Thursday 8th December at 6pm. We have dancing, singing and super acting to present to you.
ICT this half term

This half term our ICT topic is called 'We are Photographers'. Over the last three Fridays we have been very busy around school getting used to the cameras on the iPads, then learning how to edit or change our pictures as well as save them, before today learning how to present them in an interesting format in a collage making app. Our collages are all about how Holy Name wore their spots for Children in Need. We are really enjoying this topic and are looking forward to what's coming next. Here is some of our work so far!

Homework 5.10.16
We now have spellodrome to practise our spellings! http://uk.spellodrome.com How many certificates can you get this week?
Don't forget Year 2's first class assembly - all about the seaside. We hope you can join us on Thursday 6th October at 9.10am. Oh we do like to be beside the seaside.
Year 2's seaside day.

We had a wonderful day at the seaside on Tuesday 27th September. We can't wait to share it with you in our assembly on Thursday 6th October at 9.10am.

Y2 Long Term Plan

We have an exciting year ahead, with lots of cross curricular links.

Y2's Roald Dahl Day

Wow, what an amazing day we had on Tuesday 13th September! We celebrated Roald Dahl day in style with fantastic costumes, planning and creating stop animation videos, making James and the Giant Peach juice and Willy Wonka's splendiferous chocolate dessert. Then lots of people returned to school for our cinema event. It was a wonderful day. Thank you to all the parents for their support.

Homework 14.9.16

Here is our homework for this week. Please remember to hand it in on Tuesday. This is the day to return homework, reading records and change books.

Stop animation videos by Year 2.

Have a look at the amazing stop animation videos Year 2 produced as part of their Roald Dahl day. The videos were alternative versions of James and the Giant Peach. They are all fantastic!

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Save the date! Y2 class assembly on Thursday 6th October.
Homework 7th September

Please support your child to complete their homework this week. If you any questions, concerns or suggestions, please let us know.

Year 2 Autumn 1, curriculum overview

Have a look at what we will be doing this half term in Year 2.

Year 2 timetable

This is our basic timetable that we try to stick to each week. Sometimes there will be events that mean we need to adapt it slightly.

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome back, I hope you had a restful, fun packed summer. The children in Year 2 have already hit the ground running with some super work in RE, English and Maths completed already.

The staff in Year 2 are Mrs Hurley, Mrs Waugh and Miss Bennett. Is you have any concerns or suggestions we would love to hear them.

Important days in the week in Year 2 are:
Monday - From 19th September we will be working with Artis, a performance arts company to enhance our curriculum in the afternoon.
Tuesday - Return reading books, reading records and homework books. Reading books are changed. I will be reading with all children this week so will check the reading books are of the correct level.
Wednesday - New homework is given out.
Thursday - PE session - please make sure PE kit is in school, indoor and outside kit.
Friday - PE session - please make sure PE kit is in school, indoor and outside kit.

We look forward to working with you this year!