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Dear Santa...24 Nov 2017Dear Santa...This week

The time is approaching fast for you know who to come and visit the children on Christmas Day, and this week in literacy preparations began as the children wrote their letters to Santa.

They thought of things they would like and also wrote about what they do at home which makes them a good child, and what good children they are!

They help with the dishwasher, clean the living room, play nicely with their brothers and sisters, listen to the teachers, do as they are told, help with the tidying, brush their teeth and eat all their dinner....to name a few things mentioned!

It’s just as well, as we had a special delivery on Thursday all the way from the NORTH POLE....


This little elf turned up on our doorstep, with a letter from Santa. In it he explains that the elf will be watching the children over the next few weeks and reporting back to Santa every night to tell him how the children are behaving. He did warn us that sometimes, the elf can get into a bit of mischief....

…and sure enough the Elf came into the construction area over first play and made a TERRIBLE MESS!!

He had dropped sand on the floor, spilt milk, muddled the boxes and left everything on the floor! The children came in and were so shocked by the Little Elf's behaviour!

Luckily some children volunteered to help the Little Elf tidy up.

I’m sure the children will report back on any other ` happenings` in class over the next few weeks!!


Next Week

Topic and Literacy

As a result of the Elf`s AWFUL behaviour on Friday, the children will be looking at photographic evidence of what he did and write a report to Santa explaining the Little Elf`s behaviour! (U-oh I don`t think Santa will be very happy!)


This week the children will look at subtraction. They will do this initially through disappearing Maltsters! (Not into their mouths I hasten to add). They will work with a ten frame and use a bag of fun size Maltsters  (as they each have ten in a bag!) and use 10 block ice cube trays to take away from to find the answer.


Don’t Forget

A letter will be going out next week explaining how to book tickets for the two Nativity shows; the afternoon of December 5th and the evening of December 7th. Make sure you reserve your seats as although free to attend the places are limited!


Have a good weekend!

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