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Pumpkin Fun!20 Oct 2017Pumpkin Fun!

This week

We have had lots of pumpkin themed activities in class this week to get children in the holiday mood!


This week in number, we have been looking at patterns, in particular repeating patterns.

We made them on computers, with sticky shapes, colour patterns, patterns with objects as well as patterns in our environment and sound patterns. (If a jobs worth doing...)

Why not get your child to try this cute pattern activity? Just click here!

After the Holidays


The children will be introduced to the sounds ck, e and u. We will be using these phonemes and those learnt so far to blend the sounds (push sounds together) to read words and segment (break sounds up) in a word to spell. Please remember to revisit these sounds during the week and complete the activity sheet with your child.


There will be new words introduced this week: see, was.
This will link with bonfire night as we write sentences which describe what we can see at a bonfire party and once seen, how it made us feel or what we thought of what we saw.

Sentences will start I can see.... I was...It was..... etc.
They will also be learning about how we write lists and will independently work on list writing in the role play areas.



All through the week we will be looking at ordering numbers up to 20 and beyond. They will begin by ordering and then move on to working out missing numbers in a number track. We will also look at how we can use the number track to check on which number is one more than a given number to 20.



The children will learn about melting and this will be tied in with melting chocolate for chocolate sparklers: perfect for a bonfire party, but lovely to enjoy any time!


Growth Mindset songs.

We are learning and  enjoying lots of songs about trying our best and using mistakes as a way of growing and learning.
I promised the children I would post some of the songs on here so they could enjoy them over the holidays so here you are, just click on the link uner the pictures...




We are now at the end of our first half term together, and already we can see a change in the children. They have found new friends, they are more confident, and have adapted to everything we have thrown at them! They are fantastic, and they have much to be proud of!
We are sure that when you attend parents evening on the first week back, you will see just how much the children have achieved already and we thank you so much for your support!

Have a wonderful holiday with your children, we shall see you well rested and raring to go again on Monday October 30th!

Best Wishes
Mrs. Fletcher

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