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Playing the part!06 Oct 2017Playing the part!This week

There has been lots of role play activity this week! At the moment we have a home corner and we have spent time modelling and supporting the children as to how to get the best from these areas and introducing narratives and story lines for them to act out. They have really got stuck into the roles, and have used lots of language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences!
During RE the children have listened to how the world was created and independently responded to our spiritual play story on creation through art and design mediums.

Next week


This week the children will be introduced to the letters d and g.
We will be using these phonemes and those learnt so far to blend the sounds (push sounds together) to read words and segment (break sounds up) in a word to spell. Please remember to revisit these sounds during the week and complete the activity sheet with your child.


There will be new words introduced this week: this/This, is, am.
The children will write about the areas in their class and what they are doing in them using these words eg
This is sand. I am pouring.
This is the sink. I am washing.
They will also have to guess the teachers mimes to see if they can guess what they are doing and where and write it in a sentence with a partner!


During numbers this week, we will be sorting objects with different criterion. To begin with the children will use sorting hoops to sort words, colours, shapes and numbers. Then they will move on to looking at pictograms. They will count and record the results and then discuss their findings answering questions such as which colour car is the most popular? Are there more sheep or cows?


We will have our first iPad sessions and use them to access phonics and number activities.
Weather permitting; we will also go on an Autumn walk to see what signs of Autumn we can find in preparation for our Autumn table which will be made the following week.

During RE, we will consider how to look after the world which God created and whilst out walking, take photos on the ipads of different things God made.


Your children are now bringing home their phonics sheets on a regular basis, please continue to help your child practise the sounds we are teaching in class by using the sheets we send home to form the letters as well as read and spell words using the taught phonemes (sounds). There will be a phonics information evening during the first week back after half term to explain in more detail how you can support your child at home. In the meantime if you need any information about the sheets your child brings home please don’t hesitate to ask myself or Mrs. Turner.

Have a great weekend!
Best wishes
Mrs. Fletcher


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