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Phew, that WAS a busy week!Phew, that WAS a busy week!14 Dec 2018This week There has been a LOT happening! Throughout the week, as you will be aware, Christmas Craft afternoons have been continuing over the...
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…07 Dec 2018This week We have been writing to Santa to report back as to the mischief the lf has been getting up to! We wait to see what Santa has to...
Dear Santa...Dear Santa...30 Nov 2018This week The time is approaching fast for you know who to come and visit the children on Christmas Day, and this week in literacy preparations...
Thank you very much!Thank you very much!23 Nov 2018This week After the party the children enjoyed last Friday, the focus in literacy this week has been to write a letter to Mrs. Wells to thank her...
Money money money!Money money money!15 Nov 2018  This week   Lots of counting was taking place with coins; once the children had learnt about each coin from 1p to 10p then they...
Welcome back!Welcome back!09 Nov 2018This Week The children have settled back into the routines of school very smoothly this week and were straight back into learning mode at 8.50am...
Could you repeat that please?Could you repeat that please?19 Oct 2018This week This week in number, we have been looking at patterns, in particular repeating patterns. We made them on computers, with sticky...
Harvest Festival song

What wonderful singers we have in Reception (and some good movers too!) Here is their performance to enjoy!

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Autumn Walk

The children enjoyed their local Autumn walk today, they saw lots of falling leaves and a fairy village! (Toadstools!)

Sort it Out!Sort it Out!12 Oct 2018This week We have been sorting and sorting… We also had a lovely time during stay and play this Friday morning, the grown-ups...
Everybody!Everybody!05 Oct 2018This week The children have been busy making play dough bodies and labelling them. They have recalled the learning from the previous week where...
Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday28 Sep 2018This week During numeracy the children have had lots of opportunities to count, in particular we have focused on careful counting. They...
Wonderful writers and remarkable readers!Wonderful writers and remarkable readers!21 Sep 2018This week The children have settled into their first week of teaching routines seamlessly this week. We are so proud of every single one of...
Words of the WeekWords of the Week14 Sep 2018 Exciting times! We begin our reading and writing sessions next week! We will be concentrating on: My my The the A a Please help your child...
Welcome to the Reception class of 2018-19!Welcome to the Reception class of 2018-19!07 Sep 2018 Hello! Welcome to the Reception page! Every week you can visit here to find out about what has been happening in class as well as get...
Maths Challenges

These maths challenges are sent out every 2 -3 weeks. Please complete them with your child and post them on Tapestry by the date indicated on the note. A video is the best way to show their learning!

School RE newsletter
Reception Class Timetables

Curriculum Overviews

These documents provide a summary of whats happening in Reception class on a half termly basis.

Handwriting Sheets

Here you will find links to different worksheets to help your child practice the pre-cursive formation of letters.

Trace over letters

Sheets a-j

Sheets k-s

Sheets t-z


Here is a link to a website which has animatons to show the direction of the pencil when forming the continous cursive letters:
Continuous cursive letters
Numeracy sheets

Number and space, shape and measure sheets to support your child at home.

Literacy Sheets

Work sheets to help you support your child at home with reading and writing.

Phonics Links
Here is a collection of webpage links to songs and activities to help your child with their phonics.

Mr. Thorne Does Phonics

Alpha Blocks

Phoneme pronounciation

Counting Songs Links
Here is a collection of webpage links to counting songs we use in class so you can sing along at home too!

Count in 2s, 5s and 10s


Count in 5s

Count in 1s

Count in 10s

Count in 2s

Count to 100

Count back from 20

Count to 50

Days, months and Seasons Songs Links
Here is a collection of webpage links to the songs we sing in class to learn the days, months and seasons.

Days of the Week


Calendar song