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Assertiveness for Parents

There are just a few places left for mums and

dads on this accessible and enjoyable short course at Hinsley

Hall, Leeds. It helps us to learn skills to avoid both aggression and

passivity, and instead to be firm, friendly and respectful, with our children

and with others. On Thursday evenings starting in September. To find

out more or book your place contact Breda 07761715101.

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NSPCC Be Share Aware

A new scheme launched today by the NSPCC  -
Straightforward, no-nonsense advice to help parents keep their children safe online.


What are your best childhood memories – How about the times you spent on holiday, the fun and laughter you shared with friends? Some children don’t have the chance to have those kinds of memories. For them, poverty, an unstable home life or neglect means they’ll never have a childhood holiday to remember. That’s where we come in…brightening children’s lives.

For well over 100 years, the Leeds Children’s Charity has been raising funds so that children who suffer from poverty, neglect, abuse, learning difficulties, illness, or are
themselves young carers, get the chance to visit the seaside, make friends and have fun. We do this by sending 350 children each year, between the ages of 7-11, to our holiday centre in Silverdale, an “area of outstanding natural beauty” on the border of Lancashire and Cumbria.
The majority of children come from the most deprived areas of Leeds and are put forward by their schools, with the permission of their parents or carers, to be considered for a place on the holiday scheme.   The project is whole heartedly supported and endorsed by families, school teachers, social workers and youth workers.
If you feel your family fits this criteria and your child would benefit from a break away from home, please contact our Learning Mentor in confidence